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  Martin Reyna expose à la galerie Hogarcollection à New York

Vernissage le 28 mai 2010 de 19h à 21h30
Exposition jusqu'au 28 juin

The Hogar Collection
362 Grand Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

du 28 mai au 28 juin 2010

Vernissage en présence de l'artiste

Vendredi 28 mai de 19h à 21h30

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On view from May 28 through June 28, his second solo exhibition at the gallery will present new works that expand and meld his ongoing explorations of landscape, architecture, the void of nothingness and light. Reyna’s paintings in their utmost, celebrate the accident as a thing that can be masterfully controlled. With the use of minimal gestures his paintings provoke a poetic blurring of the distinction between recognizability, the purely abstract and the place where the two meet together in a dreamlike state. In both his heavily textured oils on canvas and his intricately woven watercolors, a most vivid use of color plays a vital role in the representation of metaphorical analogies of existence and creation. With the use of familiar yet mostly camouflaged imagery such as trees, geometrical shapes and spatial perspectives, the works pave a way into the convergence of a space where landscape meets an abstracted tapestry that weaves together and relies on the most miniscule of components to make up the whole. Refracting all of the possible colors of the spectrum into a transcendental space that is both contemplative and meditative, the prismatic qualities are fused to formulate and exude a metaphysical by-product where particles collide, explode and separate creating a unique and spiritual view of the universe.
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